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Quality Auto Services Without Big Price Tags. Have you recently been greeted with a rude shock when you picked up your car up from a mechanic?

Ever wondered exactly why something so simple takes so long – and costs so much? We did too. Accord Auto Services offers car repairs for all makes and models without that heart-stopping price.

What We Offer :

We offer complete repairs for all makes and models, along with maintenance services for checking your brakes, suspension, wheels, and other major components of your vehicle. We specialize in work on BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, Range Rover, Volkswagen, and other mainstream brands.

We provide a fast turnaround to our customers. Our state-of-the-art workshop allows us to provide quicker turnovers and ensures that our clients get the best services in the industry. You can make an appointment with us in under 2 minutes and bring your car for a thorough service. Give us a try, we won’t disappoint!

The Accord Difference

  • Fast turnaround with no compromise on quality
  • We use brand name components & lubricants
  • Experienced and professional mechanics
  • State of the art workshop
  • All servicing carried out on site
  • All brands of cars serviced



Come in for a free safety check on your vehicle where we inspect tyres, brakes, suspension, cooling system, steering and engine performance to keep you safe and on the road.


Do not overlook the importance of a good set of tyres. When you buy a full set of 4 tyres, we’ll put them on and do a wheel alignment free of charge.


We specialise in suspension and shock absorbers, everything from your daily drive through to motorsport and performance applications.


Have your brakes checked by our highly trained mechanics to ensure your pads, rotors, hoses and brake fluids are safe for you and your family.


Regular checkup and servicing is required to keep your auto transmission running smoothly with our comprehensive auto transmission servicing.


No Sweat! Keep cool this summer with our complete air conditioning inspection and servicing.


We have a full range of batteries to suit your vehicle and we offer a free battery test with every service.


Got into an unfortunate accident? We specialise in minor and major Mechanical repairs for all makes and models.

21 Point Check:

Our in house technical experts will perform a comprehensive 21 point check which consist of the following:

Check Tyre Pressure

Check Steering System

Check Turn Signals

Check Radiator Level

Inspect Undercarriage (for leaks or Drips)

Check Transmission Fluid Level (on Automatic Transmission

Visually Inspect Tyres

Visually Inspect Exhaust System

Visually Inspect Belts

Check Air Filter (and Breather Element if Installed)

Check Brake Fluid Level

Check and Fill Lubrication Points

Check Radiator Fluid Protection

Check Lights

Visually Inspect Shocks/Struts

Visually Check Hoses

Check P/S Fluid Level

Check and Fill Washer Fluid

Check Oil Level

Check Acid/Base Concentration of Radiator Fluid

Inspect the Drive Axle Condition on FWD Vehicles OR Check the Differentials and/or Transfer Case on RWD & 4WD Vehicles


Free interior vacuum and extrerior hand car wash.